Turkey Trot My Way

Due to the COVID pandemic, we cannot gather in Pfiffner Park to celebrate physical activity together, express our gratitude for all we do have, and give to our neighbors in need.


This year we are promoting active living for our community by inviting you to

  • Do any distance 1 mile, 5K, 5 miles, or whatever you desire
  • Do your Turkey Trot wherever you are
    • The best thing about a virtual event is that you can participate even if you are out of town
  • Do your Turkey Trot with anyone
    • The Turkey Trot spirit has always been about enjoying outdoor physical activity with others: family, friends, little ones in strollers, four-legged pals, all ages, all abilities.
  • Share with everyone
    • Snap a picture of yourself, or with family and/or friends and tag @StevensPointTurkeyTrot on our Facebook page and use #SPTurkeyTrotMyWay.
    • What are you grateful for? Post on Facebook with the hashtag #SPTTGrateful. Search Facebook for #SPTTGrateful to see what others are grateful for.