Make it a SMART New Year

2015 has arrived; a New Year means another 365 days to continue incorporating or start healthy eating and active living! But let’s not get carried away with the hype of a New Year’s Resolution; keep in mind a simple and smart philosophy. New Year’s resolutions can be and often are successful when thoughtfully made. This year, we challenge you to take 15 minutes to sit down at your kitchen table and write out a SMART 2015 Resolution which will help you maintain or meet your physical activity and smart eating goals throughout the year.

Download the PC Can SMART Goal Worksheet

First, it is important to be simple and specific. For example, “In 2015 I want to walk at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.” Second, make it measurable. For example, “I will do this for four weeks straight and reevaluate to make sure I can meet this goal.” If you find you are struggling, explore reasons why, and be honest. Is it because you are trying to make this happen at 5 pm when you get off work and you do not have energy? Find a different time and test the theory for another 4 weeks. Third, is it achievable, this goes along with reevaluating your goals every 4 weeks. If 5 pm does not work, try walking during your lunch hour. Fourth, is your goal relevant? Why is this goal significant to you? Finally, is your goal time-bound? You’ve made your New Year’s resolution for 2015, so how will you hold yourself accountable for 365 days? Break your goals down into smaller time-bound fragments; continue to come back to your goal to evaluate your own progress.

Be honest with yourself, allow for set-backs and do not give up! Make 2015 a year to remember with your healthy eating and active living goals. Make them simple and smart, check your progress and keep up the good work! Visit our downloads page for our SMART Goal Setting Worksheet and get started now!

By Ashley J. Ormson