Healthy Foods, Healthy Teeth and Gums!

With just a quick google search using the key words: fruits, vegetables and dental health you can find resource upon resource explaining the benefits of healthy eating for dental wellness. Many experts agree that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables not only improves your waistline, your energy level, your heart heath, but also your mouth, gums and teeth! It’s easy to point out the many mainstream foods and beverages we know can cause dental harm: anything with a lot of sugar, syrup or acids, i.e. soda, candy, chips, wine etc. The usual culprits that impact our bodies when we think of all other healthy habits also impact our teeth, tongue and gums.

The average person probably only thinks about their dental health twice a day: when they brush in the morning before school or work, and again in the evening before bed. Yet, it makes sense to recognize the direct correlation between what you eat and drink and your level of dental health. Food and beverages first enter your body through your mouth. It is the first point of contact for fuel and refreshment. If what you put in your mouth may not be the best thing to consume for the rest of your body, it’s a good bet it’s not helping your oral health.

Several themes appear in online literature. These recommendations are not outlandish, nor too demanding. The first is to drink water. Staying adequately hydrated will help you resist the urge to snack on unhealthy foods and drinks which will help keep your gums healthy. Second, eating fruits and vegetables, because of their texture and composition, can actually help remove plaque from your teeth. Also, because fruits and vegetables are mostly composed of water, they are not desirable hosts for the type of bacteria that erodes enamel.

None of this advice is new; we do not need to reinvent the health wheel. In fact, we just need to remember these simple guidelines to maintain dental health: drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables regularly and avoid sugary drinks and food.

by Ashley J. Ormson