Fruits & Veggies at School

Healthy Snacks at School

School is where our students grow their minds, and their bodies!

FV Works piloted a healthy school snack program at Jefferson in 2016 to test out the feasibility of implementing a larger USDA fresh fruit and vegetable program. Due to support from the school district food service, teachers, principal, and farm to school program, this pilot was a success and we’ve since submitted an application for the USDA program to launch at Jefferson school for the 2017-2018 school year.

This program will provide fruit and veggie snacks for all kids in Jefferson school for the entire school year! These fruits and veggies will replace the shelf-stable snacks that are currently served. Shelf stable snacks unfortunately translate to processed crackers, low in nutrition, which leave kiddos falling short in some of the key nutrients needed for brain power!

Farm to School

Fruit & Veggie WORKS partners and supports the Portage County Farm to School program. For more information about this program and for upcoming events, including Chef in the Classroom programs, visit