Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event timed?
No. The event is a non-official, non-competitive event. This event is about celebrating the spirit of thanksgiving making to encouraging physical activity and giving in our community.

Can I bring my dog or stroller?
Dogs and strollers are permitted with restrictions. All dogs must be on a leash and you must pick up any waste from your pet. All participants with strollers, wagons, and/or pets are asked to start towards the back of the start line so running participants have an easier time at start-time.

Are kids on bikes allowed? Inline skates? Skateboards?
The only “wheels” allowed on the race course are strollers or wagons for transporting the younger members of the family. No bikes, no inline skates, no skateboards.

May I wear my MP3 player and/or headphones?
You may wear your music listening device, however, please keep the volume at a low enough level so that you may hear course officials and fellow participants. This is for your own safety and shows good running course etiquette!

Will there be any water stations on the course?
No, there will be no water stations available along the way. Please feel free to carry a water bottle with you. There will be refreshments at the finish line.

Are there awards?
Because this is a non-official, non-competitive event, there will be no awards.

Will there be bathrooms available?
Bukolt Park, and their bathrooms, are closed for the winter months. However, we will have porta potties located at the event start, and in 2019 for the first time, we'll have porta potties located along the route. (Thank you to everyone completing the survey and letting us know how to improve our event!). Check our website or Facebook page for updates.

Map of Race

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