Do you want to be a Cycling without Age Pilot?

As a volunteer pilots, you will provide people who cannot ride a bicycle the thrill of new adventures, the experience of seeing nature up close, and a new way to connect with others and share stories while riding along neighborhood streets, bike paths, and the Green Circle Trail.

As long as you are at least 16 years of age and can ride a bicycle and have a desire to help others, then there is plenty of space for you in our program. Our pilots are everyone from directors to senior citizens and students.

“Hurry up slowly, turn softly”

The motto of Cycling Without Age pilots is “Hurry up slowly – turn softly.” Everyone can learn to ride a trishaw. If you are experienced on a bicycle or a cargo bike, then you will not need much practice. However, all our trishaw pilots must complete an orientation/training session presented by a Wisconsin Bicycle Federation trained instructor.

How to become a Volunteer Pilot

Upcoming Training Dates:

2020 Training Dates TBD

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Questions? Contact Tori Jennings at cwa.stevenspoint@gmail.com or phone 715.344.7377

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