Friday Fruit (and Vegetable) of the Day

Friday’s Fruit (and Vegetable) of the Day

    From approximately mid-June until mid-October broccoli is considered in season. This green vegetable is surprisingly an excellent source for vitamin C. Many people view oranges as the only source for vitamin C, but one cup of broccoli is over 85% of the daily-recommended amount of vitamin C. Similar to most fruits and vegetables, broccoli is a low calorie and low fat snack. Replacing a bag of chips or an processed, refined sugar laden granola bar with one cup of broccoli is a smart and healthy way to spruce up a diet. If raw broccoli is not appealing to you, steamed broccoli could be another way to try this nutritious vegetable.

    In Wisconsin, we are nearing the end of blueberry season. While you can look at a blueberry nutrition label and see they are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber, blueberries have even greater effects on the body. Studies conducted at the University of Cincinnati and the Harvard School of Public Health show that blueberries aid in memory retention and overall heart health. Simply consuming one cup of blueberries a week can increase these important health aspects. Blueberries can be easily added to foods like oatmeal, low-fat yogurt, or whole grain baked goods.

Try these two, or any new fruit or vegetable, this weekend to improve your overall fruit and vegetable intake!