Creating Lasting Change

Creating Lasting Change    Eating healthy, in theory, is a simple task. Finding unbiased, factual information about eating healthy is also a simple task due to the vast outreach of the Internet. Now, while I try and paint this picture of effortless health, I understand that endless options for food make eating healthy challenging. Healthy people do […]

Pushing the Palate

Pushing the Palate When talking with others about healthy eating, one idea that I advocate for is trying new foods throughout life. The human palate changes throughout life and I believe that it is important for a person to go outside their comfort zone with food. Discovering what types of food you like will only […]

Friday Fruit (and Vegetable) of the Day

Friday’s Fruit (and Vegetable) of the Day Broccoli     From approximately mid-June until mid-October broccoli is considered in season. This green vegetable is surprisingly an excellent source for vitamin C. Many people view oranges as the only source for vitamin C, but one cup of broccoli is over 85% of the daily-recommended amount of vitamin C. […]