Bike to Work and School 2015

Biking in Downtown Stevens Point, 2014
Biking in Downtown Stevens Point, 2014

Be part of a fun, free and fit national event! Portage County offers many opportunities for the individual looking to incorporate physical activity into their routine. Green Options Portage County (GoPoCo) is just one of many groups working to bring more opportunities to you! Formerly known as the Bike to Work Group, GoPoCo celebrated National Bike to Work Week in 2014 by having the Mayor signing a formal declaration of Stevens Point’s participation in National Bike to Work Week and Day for years to come!

With busy schedules and hard deadlines, physical activity can sometimes be hard to fit into our limited 24 hour days. Yet, you don’t need to plan for an hour bike ride, a 15 minute commute to and from work on your bike is enough to get your healthy heart pumping!

Biking is something that Stevens Point and Portage County is known for, with the Green Circle Trail only a short distance to almost all residential areas and many other biking routes within our county limits. Biking to work is a great way to keep your wallet thicker, your waistline thinner and the air cleaner.

When you bike to work, you join a growing community of people who care about their health and their environment. Biking with your family and friends also builds community and the foundation for healthy lifestyle choices.

Ask your church, club, or employer to join GoPoCo in celebrating National Bike to Work Week May 11 – 15 and Bike to School Day on May 6! Let your group know physical activity is important to you, and keeps you healthy, happy, and productive!

Here are some examples of how local organizations supported GoPoCo and National Bike to Work and School observances in 2014:

  • Gave a promotional item (e.g. cup of coffee) for customers who arrived by bicycle or mass transit
  • Organized recreational bike rides for employees and the community
  • Hosted friendly competitions amongst employees
  • Posted  information (posters/website/social media) to promote “Bike to Work and School” activities

If you would like more ideas on how you can be part of this year’s celebration, please contact Thomas Wetter, Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Human Development at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point:, or phone: 715-346-3659.

by Ashley J. Ormson